Aristocrat In Burlap
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In December of that year, it was announced that Idaho® potatoes would be advertised on national television for the first time on The Today Show and The Tonight Show. At this time, it was estimated that, even with the successful marketing of the large 1963 crop, the Idaho® potato industry had been able to put only one ten-pound bag of potatoes in each two and one-half homes throughout the nation.

A consumer advertising budget of $300,000 for television was appropriated for the 1966-67 season and a national television push for the Idaho® potato was underway. Also during the first of 1966, the point-of-origin labeling bill was drafted by a potato-industry executive and legal coordinator.

The midyear meeting of the Commission held a hearing on adopting the registered ® to identify the Idaho® potato. Discussion on what legal protection the trademark "Grown in Idaho" and registration mark® gave the industry resulted in licensing dealers to use the symbols. A certification mark license agreement was to be signed each year by the shipper or processor and the Commission before the registered mark could be used.

Later in that year, 20-second commercials on film were combined with the live commercials used on The Today Show. The experience with that show was so favorable that the advertising was continued until May at an additional cost of $61,000.

The utilization of Idaho's potato crop was obviously changing as demand increased for processed products and growers sold more of their potatoes to processors. Advertising and promotional programs adapted to the change and the Commission's fieldmen started a dual role of representing both fresh and processed potatoes in their contacts.

Mechanical harvesting and handling had increased the losses from bruised potatoes and an anti-bruise campaign was initiated to educate growers and handlers how to minimize bruising and surface cuts. An in-state campaign proclaimed "Bruisers Are Losers" using newspapers, radio, equipment stickers, and posters.

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