Mitchell Searle

Wife: Sunny Searle
Kids: Lydia (6), David (4), Dawson (2), and Natalie (2 months)

Hometown: Burley, Idaho

How many generations?

My ancestors were farmers as far back as I can find. Back then everybody had a few acres and a few cows. My great grandpa Searle homesteaded this area in March of 1913. It took him 15 days by horse and wagon to get here from American Fork, Utah. He cleared the sagebrush and got his first crop of “Turkey Red” wheat in the fall 1914. He lived in a 12‘x12’ shack. I am in awe of his hard work and legacy. We got our first potato contract in the 1974 and have grown famous Idaho potatoes ever since.

I'm proud to be a farmer because... I love to grow a crop that feeds my family and the world.

My favorite way to eat a potato:

Mashed potatoes with a beef roast, corn, and gravy. The most important ingredient is my family.